Eyelash Extension

A quick beauty fix, the best beauty invention ever. You get to see the dramatic effect in your look right after the service. We see it as an art that brings out happiness and the more beautiful you.

Look gorgeous 24/7 without having to out on mascara and make-up.
Book your appointment now, and experience the magic of our U’nique Eyelash Extension. Walk-in is also possible.

Before & After Eyelash Extension

It is advisable that you do not wear mascara on the day of your appointment. This is to ensure that the eyelashes is free of any foreign substance that may hinder the proper settling of the glue.

After the treatment, it is advisable to do the following:

  • Do not wet the eyelashes for at least 12 hours.
  • Avoid putting oil in your eyelashes. Oil dissolves the glue thus causing the extensions to fall out.
  • Washing like usual but do not rub your eyes and gently dry your face.
  • To keep it in nice shape, comb your eyelashes every morning with the brush given to you after the treatment. Brushing usually takes seconds.
  • If you wear make up, use water based make-up remover and use cotton buds in cleaning your eyelid.

The Styles

We have different looks that suits the conservative to flamboyant personalities.

  • Volume Fill: We use similar length to your natural eyelashes and add volume to it so you need not wear any mascara anymore.
  • Natural Look: We follow the shape of your eyelashes and put extension that perfectly harmonize with the shape and depth of your eyes. Recommended to women who do not wish to show that they have eyelash extensions.
  • Romantic Look: It is for the fun and daring woman. It is long and full; giving you a wide-open innocent yet sexy look.
  • Cat Eyes: Glamorous womens favorite. It gives a wide awake and mysterious look.


Eyelashes FAQ

Q. What is Eyelash Extension?
A. Like hair extensions, Eyelash Extension adds volume and length to human eyelashes. Using a special glue, synthetic single fibers are placed one by one in your natural eyelashes.

Q. How long does it take to have the Eyelash Extension?
A. Depending on the chosen shape and the number of your natural eyelashes, it takes between 90- 120 minutes for the new set, and between 30-90 minutes for the refill depending on the condition of your Eyelash Extensions.

Q. Is it painful and uncomfortable to have the Eyelash Extensions?
A. Not painful at all. In fact it is a pleasant experience, clients fall asleep during the treatment.

Q. What is the difference between Eyelash Extensions and Fake Eyelashes?
A. Eyelash Extensions are applied one by one into your own eyelashes, giving it a more natural look. Fake Eyelashes are strip lashes that gives more synthetic look and only lasts for hours.

Q. Will the extensions damage my own eyelashes?
A. We apply the extensions 1.5mm from your skin eyelash line so it does not affect your natural ones. The eyelash extension does not affect your eyelash cycle growth. And we work with proper length proportion (length of your extension and length of your own eyelashes)

Q. Can I still swim, go to the sauna, and do my usual regimen?
A. Yes, you can do the usual. The only thing you have to avoid is putting oil in your eyelashes as it loosens the bond of the glue, causing your Eyelash Extensions to fall.

Q. My eyelashes are permed – can I still have extensions?
A. Yes, you can. However, it is advisable to do it a day or two after.

Q. How long do the extensions last for?
A. Every person had a different eyelash cycle, the extension falls off with your own eyelashes so it is different for each person, but is usually between 3 and 8 weeks.

Q. Will I lose some of my own eyelashes or will they fall out?
A. As long as you don’t forcibly pull them or rub them too strongly, there is no problem.
You don’t have to worry about some falling out and looking patchy as was the case with traditional extensions.

Q. I have very long eyelashes – can I get extensions?
A. Yes, you can. It will enhance your already thick and long eyelashes by giving a great shape and volume that no mascara can achieve.

Q. I am in the corporate world and/or simply into conservative chic, would it be possible to get an Eyelash Extension with a natural look?
Can men also take the training?
A. Yes, definitely. We offer different kinds of looks- romantic, natural, cat eyes etc.. We do a short consultation prior to the service, we word according to your personal style, lifestyle, profession, shape and depth of the eyes and length of your eyelashes.