Why men should pay on the first date? November 16 2017, 0 Comments

Hey Beauties!

For our first blog post, we thought about talking about something that no one ever wants to talk about: how expensive it is to be a woman in the modern dating world and why men should pay for the first date. 

Men usually are attracted to women with bouncy and shiny hair, right? Well, we all know that perfect hair costs a little fortune every single time we have to get it done... which is at least every eight weeks!

Shiny, gel nails? Black, luscious eyelashes? Gorgeously smooth legs waxed by a professional? Eyebrows arched to perfection? Fab clothes?

And men think all of this happens by magic? No, (unfortunately) we did not wake up like this.

Also, this effort is not only time consuming; it costs a lot of money. Our friend Sonya will explain it to you in details in the video below:

So, bottom line, this is why we think men should pay for the first date.

We did our part by getting glammed, so let them do their part by paying the bill, right? After all, relationships are a two-way street.

What do you think girls? Should men pay for the first date or not? Let us know in the comments!